Broadcast TV Services

While online video is growing exponentially, it's surprising to find that specialist broadcast TV is advancing just as quickly. With a plethora of channels thanks to the increased capacity of satellite, cable and digital, opportunities for traditional media outlets such as magazines and web sites are becomming increasingly avaialble on TV. And costs are falling - the financial barriers to entry to this lucrative arena have dropped, and even the smallest magazine can now afford to launch on TV.

We have a wide expierience in prodcuing low-cost TV shows, such as the run of 16 half-hour episodes of Living Surrey last year. A local, county TV magazine programme, the show offered advertisers a never-before-seen opportunity to reach larger audiences than the traditional local magazine route, and with greater impact.

Republica is now developing similar TV programming and cross-platform packages for specialist publications in aviation, cycling, business and travel. We not only produce the shows, we also negotiate content slots and scheduling with broadcasters, build cross-platform promotional vehicles such as web sites, YouTube accounts, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and more to promote the shows and build exposure across all platforms.

Summary of services

  • Weekly or monthly half-hour/full hour TV programmes broadcast on Sky, Freesat and Freeview
  • Short video clips for web and mobile distribution
  • Trailers, teasers and clips for social media platforms
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram campaigns to support and promote content.
  • Web site development to expand existing properties into video distribution and publishing platforms, including branded and customised video players.
  • Concept/format development
  • Scripting and planning
  • All video shoots
  • Advertisement production
  • Editing and encoding to broadcast standards plus web/mobile versions
  • Colour correcting, grading and sound design
  • Voiceovers and presenters
  • Commissioned or Royalty-free music
  • All TV scheduling and transmission services, and online content delivery

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How we work with you

Our services are flexible and designed around your requirements and budget so that you get the maximum benefit. We first discuss with you the audience you want to reach and the story you want to tell. In addition to shooting in full HD with the most up-to-date equipment, we can also help with the technical apsects of distribution, setting up video players, hosting and broadcast services.

Our Services

Video for Web Sites

From video introductions, product videos, news, through to video blogs and more, every web site owner knows the power of visual content to deliver a message and grab attention. Not to mention the boost to search engine positions by publishing videos!

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos deliver your brand message in a powerful and memorable way, far more powerfully than text and images alone. Corporate videos that engage and inform are our speciality. Our services are cost-effective and professional.

Social Media

There is nothing more powerful than video to boost your social media presence. We provide a complete service by creating a comprehensive social media strategy for media companies and businesses, and deliver results with a planned and sustained flow of content.

Editing & Post Production

With thousands of hours of editing experience covering documentaries, TV features, News, web videos, events and more, no-one is more qualified than Republica Media to take your concept and raw footage and transform it into a slick, finished production.

Branded Content Development

Producing video and supporting content is a speciality here at Republica Media. We provide a complete service by creating a comprehensive and compelling branded experience, and deliver results with a planned and sustained flow of content.

Broadcast TV

We help specialist media outlets expand and extend into television. We handle everything including creative concept, EPG booking and scheduling, filming and post production to broadcast standards, and final delivery for transmission.