Our work

Super Achievers - Glen Dufty

The first of our new Super Achievers series which features the real, blood and guts stories of small business owners who survive and thrive against the odds

Redhill Aerodrome

A special commision by the owners of a small airfield, this video was created to demonstrate the importance of runway to local communities.

Precision Transformers

An example of our short, B2B coporate videos for client Components Bureau created to launch a new range of electronics components.

Aviation Special

A short documentary for the Living Surrey series shown on Sky TV in 2014, featuring life and business at a small Surrey airfield.

Andrew Cuerden & Viktoria Wilton

Promotional video for ex-Strictly Come Dancing professional Andrew Cuerden and his partner Viktoria Wilton.

Bio Blitz!

Trailer for one of our most popular episodes of Living Surrey, when hundreds of children descended on the Surrey countryside to hunt bugs, butterflies and more.

Secret Gardens of Surrey

Another episode for the Living Surrey strand on Sky TV, in which we explore the hidden gems of private Surrey Gardens.

The Perfect Christmas Pudding

Another excerpt from the Living Surrey series, this Stir-up Sunday special proved popular in the run-up to Christmas 2014.

Farmer's Markets - Inside Story

A popular investigation into Farmer's Markets in Surrey which generated a huge amount of Social Media comment.

Surrey Visits the PM

Living Surrey followed local Surrey Businesses as they visited the Houses of Parliment and the Prime Minister to showcase their wares.

Display Solutions

One of our B2B Coporate Videos promoting a new interactive display system for client Display Solutions.


Promotional video for a British business importing a new range of electronics components from China

TVR Griffiths

A short video introducing the 2017 TVR Griffith and the cars that gave it its heritage