Video for Publishers & Media Owners

Most specialist magazines have managed to expand their presence online with web sites and social media, but now Republica Media offers such titles the chance to extend even further into video and even television – cost effectively and profitably.

Republica has already helped transform the local media space in Surrey with a weekly television show broadcast on Sky, backed by an on-demand web video service, social media and mobile video, to create a genuine multi-platform service to allow the local community to watch when and how they like.

Our TV format allows for up to 4 minutes of advertising per half hour programme, plus sponsorship, allowing you to benefit from 100% of advertising revenues.

While broadcast TV is not for every publication, we can still work with you to develop online content for your web presence, Facebook, YouTube and more helping you to build your audience and advertising offerings with a true, multi-platform video offering that can transform your business!

Summary of services

  • Weekly or monthly half-hour TV programmes broadcast on Sky, Freesat and Freeview
  • Short video clips for web and mobile distribution
  • Trailers, teasers and clips for social media platforms
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram campaigns to support and promote content.
  • Web site development to expand existing properties into video distribution and publishing platforms, including branded and customised video players.
  • Concept/format development
  • Scripting and planning
  • All video shoots
  • Advertisement production
  • Editing and encoding to broadcast standards & web/mobile versions
  • Colour correcting, grading and sound design
  • Voiceovers and presenters
  • Commissioned or Royalty-free music
  • All TV scheduling and transmission services, and online content delivery

How we work with you

Our services are flexible and designed around your requirements and budget so that you get the maximum benefit. We first discuss with you the audience you want to reach and the story you want to tell. In addition to shooting in full HD with the most up-to-date equipment, we can also help with the technical apsects of distribution, setting up video players, hosting and broadcast services.