Video for Businesses & Brands

When it comes to online marketing, every business knows just how powerful video is as a tool to attract and hold audience attention, inform, educate and to enhance brand image. Web site coporate videos, branded feature content, news, video PR, social media videos, video blogs, virals, presentations, video ads, product videos, video user guides...the list of tools and opportunities now within the reach of even the smallest business is vast.

At Republica Media we don't just make videos. We work closely with businesses to identify opportunities and strategies to exploit video to achieve agreed goals. We develop and manage social media strategies, look for branded content opportunties, and we're experts at video PR as ever more trade and consumer magazine web sites clamour for news and feature content presented in a visual format.

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How we work with you

Our services are flexible and designed around your requirements and budget so that you get the maximum benefit. We first discuss with you the audience you want to reach and the story you want to tell. In addition to shooting in full HD with the most up-to-date equipment, we can also help with the technical apsects of distribution, setting up video players, hosting and broadcast services.