Authentic Branded Content

We are different because we put your story first. We only deliver content that works for you and hooks your audience. Fresh, engaging, relevant and professional.

To gain trust with your customers and clients you must, these days, offer an authentic narrative. With a crowded internet and such a noisy social media space, only truly credible, genuine voices stand out. And to do that for your business, you need to craft a clear and honest story and build on it every day.

That’s where we come in. Combining our journalistic and public relations backgrounds we know what makes a great angle for your audience, and how to deliver it in an engaging and authentic way. From editorial in specialist sectors to content marketing videos that support your brand we nail our creativity and commercial nous to your colours. Grab your sunglasses, we think you’ll be dazzled.

Branded Video Content

Our services are flexible and designed around your requirements and budget so that you get the maximum benefit. We first discuss with you the audience you want to reach and the story you want to tell. In addition to shooting in full HD with the most up-to-date equipment, we can also help with the technical apsects of distribution, setting up video players, hosting and broadcast services.